Our Commitment to Your Perfect First Dance

We understand the importance of your first dance, and we stand by the quality and personalization of our instruction with a unique guarantee. Here’s our promise to you: we’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, and we’ll craft your dance with precision and care. If, after your initial lessons, you feel we haven’t captured the essence of what you’re looking for, we’ll offer additional sessions to refine and perfect your routine.

This guarantee is our way of ensuring that every couple we work with walks away with a first dance that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. It’s not about endless revisions; it’s about partnership, understanding, and achieving that magical moment where everything comes together perfectly on the dance floor.


Five Lessons, Extra Lesson for the “Bride and Her Dress”, Full Choreography, Music Editing Service and our renowned guarantee. $450 total. 
Our unique guarantee is backed by a deep understanding of the realities of wedding planning. We know your time is precious, which is why our lessons are designed to be efficient and effective, ensuring you’re ready for your big moment without the need for countless rehearsals. Less than 1% of our couples have ever needed additional sessions, but rest assured, should you need them, we’re here to ensure your first dance is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Classic Wedding Dance Package ~ $450
with an extra FREE lesson for The Bride and Her Dress
This is the package everyone is talking about and the package that has made us “San Jose’s Wedding Dance Experts”. With our unique guarantee!

Bride In A Rush Package ~ $280
We’ll get you the dance you deserve in the time you have.

Mother Son and Father Daughter Combo  Dance Package – At the end you will have a routine for Mom and another for Dad with the addition of our Classic Package, a total of 9 classes and for a $799 total. WOW! With our unique guarantee!

Your Family memories last forever. So don’t forget Mom. Don’t forget Dad either.
Mother Son and Father Daughter dance package – total of 4 classes and at the end you will have a routine for Mom, and another for Dad. $325 ~ With our unique guarantee!

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