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Brides In A Rush

All is not lost, you can still have that First Dance of Your Dreams...

“Brides In A Rush”

The “Bride In A Rush” package ~ $199.
We will create a basic Wedding Dance in 3 (forty-five minute) lessons for: you and your fiance. OR you could use it for a Mother / Son Dance or a Father / Daughter dance, or a combination…. it’s all up to you. All of this for only…. $199. This is a reduced version of our renowned Classic Package.

This is a basic routine which is simpler than our renowned Classic 5 Lesson Wedding Dance package. There is no guarantee and no “Dress Rehearsal”. It’s intended to be an emergency measure when there is just no time left.

We include only what you actually need; you won’t be paying for any unnecessary classes or products.

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