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Our lessons are an Industry Standard 45 minutes. Why 45 minutes? It’s about as much as someone can absorb at one time.

We provide classes and lessons from:
Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 4pm
Monday is our day off 🙂

To be honest yes, and this is why. You are spending your time and resources working on something for that one, special moment. So just to be sure that you have everything under control, you have to be certain you can dance in your dress! Our brides have said over and over again how valuable this free lesson is.

Your music choice is as personal as your dress, so pick something that you both find fun and enjoyable. Worry not, we’ll advise you if it can be danced to or even if it’s possible to dance to in your dress.

This really depends on your choice of music and how much time you want to invest in lessons and practice. That said, complex and “flashy” routines increase the risk of problems on the Big Day. Do you want to be stressed out about you both remembering the dance? Many couples embrace the reality that it’s possible to be really Classy, Sophisticated and Elegant with a less flashy dance that both of you are comfortable with.

We get asked this a lot. It’s a matter of how much practice you can do and how fast you learn. Look at it like this — you will need some practice time after every lesson to both reenforce what you have just learned as well as well as becoming comfortable and proficient dancing with each other. 
So if you practice the day after class, a 3 lesson “Bride In a Rush” package will take lesson1 + practice + lesson2 + practice + lesson3 = 5 days. And yes, we have many, many successful couples completing it all within 5 days, so that is about the minimum time required. If you are REALLY in a rush, we have done the entire thing in two days!!
So count on an extra day per lesson to practice.

Yes, all our Wedding Packages are offered as Video Lessons.
This is more than “just another zoom class”, it’s a series of video lessons that we customize and produce to teach you your wedding dance.

It’s exactly like our Wedding Packages that we deliver in videos and zoom sessions. Covid isn’t going to stop

Classic Wedding Dance Package ~ $450
with an extra FREE lesson for The Bride and Her Dress
This is the package everyone is talking about and the package that has made us “San Jose’s Wedding Dance Experts”. With our unique guarantee!

Bride In A Rush Package ~ $280
We’ll get you the dance you deserve in the time you have.

Mother Son and Father Daughter Combo  Dance Package – At the end you will have a routine for Mom and another for Dad with the addition of our Classic Package, a total of 9 classes and for a $799 total. WOW! With our unique guarantee!

Your Family memories last forever. So don’t forget Mom. Don’t forget Dad either.
Mother Son and Father Daughter dance package – total of 4 classes and at the end you will have a routine for Mom, and another for Dad. $325 ~ With our unique guarantee!

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