We see it too often; couples struggling with choreography that really doesn’t suit their style and, or body types.

Worse still, we see couples doing dips, spins etc., in a way that puts both themselves and their partner at risk of injury.

Do you really want to risk getting a pulled back, sprained shoulder or wrist just before (or, shock, DURING) your wedding??

Fortunately, we are here to help.
We are expert Wedding Dance Instructors backed by science. For your reassurance, one of the Studio Owners, Ian Nandhra is DIVIDA Certified in the “Move Like a Champion” program.

We’ll fix your wedding dance routine to give you that Safe, Stylish and Elegant routine you need so that YOU can focus on FEELING GREAT and LOOKING PRETTY!

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Classic Wedding Dance Package ~ $450
with an extra FREE lesson for The Bride and Her Dress
This is the package everyone is talking about and the package that has made us “San Jose’s Wedding Dance Experts”. With our unique guarantee!

Bride In A Rush Package ~ $280
We’ll get you the dance you deserve in the time you have.

Mother Son and Father Daughter Combo  Dance Package – At the end you will have a routine for Mom and another for Dad with the addition of our Classic Package, a total of 9 classes and for a $799 total. WOW! With our unique guarantee!

Your Family memories last forever. So don’t forget Mom. Don’t forget Dad either.
Mother Son and Father Daughter dance package – total of 4 classes and at the end you will have a routine for Mom, and another for Dad. $325 ~ With our unique guarantee!

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