Unleash your inner dancer with our “Three Week Wonder” Program! In just three weeks, transform from novice to nimble dancer. We guarantee it’s simple, fun, and incredibly rewarding.

Imagine being at your next social gathering, effortlessly gliding in sultry, sophisticated Night Club Twostep or perhaps the diverse Bachata. It’s not just about steps; it’s about creating unforgettable moments and connections on the dance floor.

With our structured lessons, we offer you a streamlined experience, moving from basic movements to elegant under-arm turns and, finally, to dazzling dips. The end result? You’ll be ready to charm any dance floor within 3 weeks.

Best of all, it’s tailored to you and your partners styles; you are involved at every step.


Let’s make it happen in three weeks! Enroll in our “Three Week Wonder” program now. Get ready to dance, laugh, and enjoy every step of the journey.

We provide a product – the ability to dance a social dance – in three lessons.
  • YOU choose the dance style
  • YOU choose the figures you dance
  • Simple – you know what you’ll get at the end of the classes.
  • Easy – because it is (no, really).
  • Fun – because that’s the point of doing it.
  • Reliable – because you KNOW that you’ll get results.
It’s almost as easy as ordering something from Amazon.

We take you from the very beginning to being able to dance. Simple. Easy. Fun. What’s not to love about that?

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What you get

At the end of the 3 weeks, you’ll be able do dance in that style! It’s that simple.

For example – lets say you want a fun, sultry, classy slow dance for social occasions. Lets Night Club Twostep is the perfect choice (Bachata is similar but doesn’t have as wide a range of musical choices). At the end of 3 lessons you’ll be able to:

  • Dance the basic movement
  • Dance the basic travelling movement
  • Under arm turns for Leader and Follower
  • At least one dip

Classic Wedding Dance Package ~ $450
with an extra FREE lesson for The Bride and Her Dress
This is the package everyone is talking about and the package that has made us “San Jose’s Wedding Dance Experts”. With our unique guarantee!

Bride In A Rush Package ~ $280
We’ll get you the dance you deserve in the time you have.

Mother Son and Father Daughter Combo  Dance Package – At the end you will have a routine for Mom and another for Dad with the addition of our Classic Package, a total of 9 classes and for a $799 total. WOW! With our unique guarantee!

Your Family memories last forever. So don’t forget Mom. Don’t forget Dad either.
Mother Son and Father Daughter dance package – total of 4 classes and at the end you will have a routine for Mom, and another for Dad. $325 ~ With our unique guarantee!

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