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About us

We are a boutique studio on a mission to provide a safe, unpretentious environment for people to enjoy their dancing. We are located in the Mid/Downtown area of San Jose.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2018

When we individually realized there there should be a radically different way to learn how to dance. We wanted an unpretentious environment, free from drama and egotism where people could learn to dance without judgement.

Achieving that goal has not been easy and has required tough decisions.

The studio is founded and owned by Ian and Robin who have decades of dance experience.

A Moment of Clarity

We realized that competition wins, Top Teacher and Top Studio awards didn’t matter at all when it comes to Teaching Dancing.

What matters is delivering to the student the results that they want. After all, We are Dance Teachers, right?

Designed to be versatile
Designed to deliver results

Design, yes Design. Students want (and deserve) tangible value for their money in the same way that they would when buying a product from Amazon.

One of the owners (Ian Nandhra) had already directed his decades of Engineering and Product Design experience to teaching dance; he determined that to effectively Teach people to dance, to effectively deliver results required more than just dance knowledge. It demanded a sound knowledge of the science and math being used to Teach dancing.

Ian’s research resulted in a US Patent Filing for and the development of the techniques and technology required to treat a dance class as a Product. A product that can be delivered with tangible value and a guarantee. A product YOU can RELY ON.

We love our dancers!

We're just getting started

… and although we have accomplished a lot, there is more work to do.In this Covid World, people miss social contact and interaction. They want a product that can be delivered in days, not over many months. They expect a non-judgemental and non-intimidating environment.And we’ll continue to deliver that excellence to you, the dance student.