Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance Class Packages

With a unique guarantee.

Five Classes for $345
Ten Classes for $650

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We offer you the Peace Of Mind…

There is nothing more romantic than waltzing on the dance floor for your first dance while your friends and family look on admiring the way you and your partner fit in each other’s arms and glide around the dance floor. The first dance together as husband and wife is one of the most watched events and if done right, one of the highlights of the wedding. Moreover, the Wedding Dance will almost certainly appear on Social Media which is why all our choreography is designed with Social Media in mind. Guaranteed. 

We deliver you the Peace Of Mind…

…that can only come from mature, highly skilled professionals offering:

  • Ballroom Dance and Choreography – over 40 years dancing, Competition, Top Teacher, Top Studio… the list goes
  • Ballroom and Theatre Arts Choreography – yes, this will be choreographed to you, your dress, music, partner AND for Social Media
  • Musicality to bring out your best
  • Music Editing, so that your music is exactly what you need.
  • Fashion, couture and style — it all has to come together, right?

And most importantly – Cinematic Choreography. Your wedding dance will almost certainly end up on Social Media as pictures and videos. We’ll make sure you have a routine you’ll be happy to see for years to come.

It’s the complete package that will bring you the Peace Of Mind you need so you can concentrate on your love with your partner.

Robin will help you select the perfect song and choreograph the dance, teach you the steps and work with you to make sure that you are ready. The memory of the first dance will be with you always and you should arrange a video record of the event.

Don’t forget, more than just the bride and groom can benefit from wedding dance lessons, you should consider the Father/Daughter dance and the Mother/Son Dance too.

Do you know someone getting married? A couple can get just so many coffee pots and toaster ovens. Why not give them a gift that will provide memories of a lifetime. Click here to find out how you can give a wedding dance package as a gift to the bride and groom.

Packages and signup information

robin-cameo-032815Our Dance Director Robin Horn has taught 1000’s of wedding couples their First Dance. Under Robin’s direction, we deliver a complete Wedding Dance Package with a unique guarantee ~ you will be able to dance your First Dance at your wedding after just 5 classes. We choreograph your routine to match your dress, your music and the love between you both.

So please come to one of our free Wedding Dance Workshops held on the EVERY Sunday and see how we can turn your First Dance into the magical experience you have dreamed of. 

Packages and signup information

Be inspired with these package ideas!
If course, these are just concepts to think about – your First Dance will be as individual as you are!

Swing Wedding Dance Package

Swing into your First Dance. Fun, sassy and easy to learn and perform, we’ll choreograph a Swing Dance for you that you can dance again after the wedding. It’s perfect for all social events too.

Classy Wedding Dance Package

Class never goes out of style! We’ll help you find that perfect piece of music, Buble, Sinatra…. songs that never get old and are always enjoyed. 

Classic Wedding Dance Package

Keeping things Classic…. Waltz or for the more daring, Viennese Waltz. There’s a lot of new music available for that Classic First Dance. Let us show you how!

Club Style Wedding Dance Package

If Club Style is for you, we have it. From Bruno Mars, PitBull, Beyonce…. we’ll give you something you can take to the floor when you are out for the night, post wedding.