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Wedding Video Classes

This is more than “just another zoom class”, it’s a series of video classes that we customize and produce to teach you your wedding dance.

It’s exactly like our Wedding Packages that we deliver in videos and zoom sessions. Covid isn’t going to stop your wedding, right?

It’s a complete Wedding Dance personalized for you in a series of Lessons, but instead of coming into the studio, you receive the lessons in customized videos designed and produced just for you. To be clear, these are the exact same Wedding Packages that we teach in the studio, it’s that we do this via video’s and zoom. Covid isn’t going to stop your wedding, right?

Are these Zoom classes? No, they are custom videos that you can watch as many times as you need. You also have access to instructors via Zoom if you need that assistance. Everything we’d teach in the studio is included in the videos; ok, ok, it’s easier if it’s in-person at the studio 🙂

You tell us about yourself, your style, your music and we’ll put together a series of five lessons to give you a complete Wedding Dance. That information allows us to design, choreograph and produce the first video lessons for your wedding dance. Just like our in-person lessons, we will be discussing your progress in every lesson and most importantly, using your feedback in the creative process for the next lesson.  You’ll receive a link to your personalized dance lesson video’s and you’ll also get zoom time with an instructor just in case you need that personal contact and help.

Learn at your own pace. Learn safely. Learn what YOU need WHEN and HOW you need it. And yes, you will be able to do this in your apartment!

A “dance” typically comprises a number of Figures (aka “moves”) connected together in whatever manner feels best to the music being played. A Figure is a sequence of movement to travel, turn, rotate, dip… and many, many other things with your dance partner.

Each video lesson will cover at least one Figure and show you how this links to previously learned figures choreographing your Wedding Dance.

Learn at your own pace, contact us if you need help and Take Control of your wedding!

Tell us which you want, video or in-person when you order your package and we’ll take it from there. 

These videos contain everything you need for your lesson; The Science, the How’s and the Why’s that are essential for your success and achievement. Each Lesson uses the techniques in the “How To” section of the videos.

  1. Travel – How to move from one place to another
  2. Turn – go round corners
  3. Spins – Travelling, in place, on-the-spot
  4. Dips – No introduction needed
  5. Connect with your partner and dance together
  6. Connect with the music to make your dancing rhythmic and stylish

Comparison of Wedding Dance Lessons...

By Video

  1. You can review the video lessons whenever you wish
  2. Can be done at home
  3. interaction with instructor via zoom
  4. ask in front of a large group

By Studio Visit

  1. Doesn’t include any videos
  2. personal interaction with the instructor (you are there, with them in person)