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Group Classes


Group Classes for Social Dances

In our Social Dance programs, you will learn to dance to music with confidence. We Guarantee it.

There are four lessons per Program during which you will learn at least 6 fun figures (aka “moves”) that you can put together in whatever sequence you wish. 

Each lesson is 45 minutes in duration. Each program covers a different dance that is appropriate for just about any social occasion.

The cost if $15 per person per class for a prepaid 4 week series, a total of $60 per person.

Here are some examples of fun dances that are appropriate for just about any social occasion. Best yet, you can dance these in your home. Yes! That includes the typical sized Apartment too.

East Coast SwingCha Cha          Salsa
West Coast SwingRumbaNite Club 1-StepFoxtrot       

Each Program is limited to a maximum of 8 couples, not just for Covid but because it’s the most effective class size. Each class in the 4 week series is $15 per person, prepaid for the entire 4 week series. That’s $60 per person for a class every week for 4 weeks.

Our Beginners Special is $99 for two 45-minute private lessons. That’s around $19 more than a Group Class. Quick math…. $49.50 – $15*2 = a heck of a deal to get the Teachers undivided attention. If you consider that a Group Class of 5 couples, 10 people would give each dancer about 4 minutes of the Teachers attention. Actually it would be a lot less if we subtract the time for group instruction. 
So two 45-minute lessons is a total steal at $99

In October we will be covering:

Tuesday 13th October at 6pm,  East Coast Swing

Thursday 15th October at 6pm, Salsa