Zumba with Joe ~ Joe “Zumba’s” Bio

I started instructing Zumba® Fitness classes about 7 years ago in the Washington DC Metro area, blasting with energy expert “Zumberos”, Zumba® Fitness fanatics and enthusiasts. I have experience in teaching groups over 80 people, and my classes are always fun, leaving people with the desire to keep dancing. I have acquired new skills and I’ve learned new moves and rhythms to incorporate to my Zumba® Fitness classes in all these years. I’ve also collaborated with many instructors in the East and West Coast. I have been and continue to be a mentor for many who seek a healthy and positive life through Zumba® Fitness. I’ve also dance on many occasions with the creator of Zumba® Fitness – Beto! So come try a class for FREE on your FIRST VISIT to Elite Ballroom in San Jose, CA! You have nothing to lose, except a few pounds! 🙂 Check out the schedule!!!