Intermediate and Advanced Classes

You want to progress… so how to do it?

Terms like “Intermediate” or “Advanced” or “level” (e.g Level 2) might have relevance and value within a studio, but can also have little relevance outside of that environment if not made in respect to a nationally recognized syllabus. We use both the Internationally recognized DVIDA and ISTD syllabii.

So where next?

One approach is to focus on a couple of specific dances with specific classes, either group or private to develop your skills. Examples would be:

  • Movement – if we don’t understand how to move, how our bodies work, we will be less successful in our dancing. Actually this will help you with your entire life too. When we understand movement, learning and improving any dance becomes much, much more attainable and enjoyable.
  • Work on a Smooth or Standard dance as well as a Rhythm or Latin dance. You will learn more from the differences and similarities between them.
  • Don’t forget the Club Dances!  West Coast Swing, Salsa, Night Club Two-step are very fun and usable at almost any social function.

We can teach you the skills to take your dancing to new heights. We will help you become a real dancer !

Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a class.