Beginners Group Classes

Beginners Group Classes

We Love Teaching Beginners!

Working with beginners is a rewarding as well as a hugely responsible task. Beginners are especially vulnerable to being taught less than ideal (ok, we didn’t want to say bad) habits that can be very costly to rectify at a future time.

We employ the latest teaching techniques in all our classes and our fanatical dedication to your personal success means that you will get the most from your classes.

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What to expect

Your classes will be fun, supportive, fun, productive, fun, nurturing and more… Oh, did we mention FUN?

Classes are generally 45 minutes during which we will review previously taught material and teach one or two new figures. And yes, you will be able to dance to music!

Checkout our CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Prices

Beginner Private Lessons

Private classes make an awesome accompaniment to your group classes because you can focus on what you need at the speed you need. 

Group Class Format

Group Classes comprise a series of lessons spread over 4 weeks covering one particular dance. We have found that a 4 week series is perfect for peoples schedules as well as optimal for teaching around 5 to 6 figures.

You’ll learn quickly in a supportive and fun environment and will be able to comfortably dance around 5 figures to music at the end of the series.

Checkout class prices and locations for more information

Checkout our CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Prices