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Park Avenue Ballroom, 1042 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126

Park Avenue Ballroom was founded in October 2015 by Ian Nandhra and Robin Horn a few weeks after taking over the Elite Ballroom Studio in Park Avenue, San Jose.

Why the name change?
“We wanted something that reflected “place” and “activity”. Robin came up with ‘Park Avenue Ballroom’, we asked what people thought and the name took on a life of its own” commented Ian.

It’s a vision by owners Ian Nandhra and Robin Horn that “Dancing should be for everyone“. And at Park Avenue it is.  We strive to provide dancers of every level a “dancing home” – somewhere to make new friends, meet old ones and share the joy of dancing. Our focus is on you, the dancer.

Some History

Founded by Desiree Fox DuHadway in 2011, Elite Ballroom represents the love and devotion of Desiree, her family and countless dancers. She built up an amazingly successful formation team and much more. In late September 2015 she had to relocate to Texas and …. what to do with Elite. Facebook to the rescue! Literally. No, seriously.

[blockquote background=0xff0000]As Ian Nandhra recalls “I was on Facebook late one evening and saw a post by Desiree essentially saying ‘Goodbye California’ and also mentioning the future of the studio.  I messaged her, we talked for several hours and 9 days later Robin and I had a studio. It was a total whirlwind of a bazillion things that we all coped with. Desiree was amazing, especially as she was also relocating her entire life and family as well”. [/blockquote]  The lease was signed on October 5th. Your studio is in good hand Desiree, we won’t let you or the Dance Community down.

Ian Nandhra and Robin Horn are co-owners of Park Avenue Ballroom studio.

Robin Horn has been teaching ballroom dance for over 33 years. She specializes in tailor made programs for dancers at all levels fromrobin-blue-dress-paso-robles social through to competitive forms. Robin is well respected within the competitive dance community and is a much loved teacher. She works well with all levels of students. Her patience, gentle guidance and teaching skills allow her to help even the most “Dance Challenged” students exceed their dance goals whether they are learning a routine for their first dance at their wedding, becoming more comfortable in social dance settings, or getting a glimpse into the ballroom dance world and competitions.

Robin is very focused and goal oriented but never loses sight that dancing should always be fun.

If you are just getting started or are at any level in your dance journey, you will find Robin’s dance instruction to be the perfect fit for your needs. Why not contact her now to discuss your dance goals?

Some reviews from clients

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