Workshops are an ideal way to enhance or learn specific skills in a class format. We aim to make our workshops entertaining, fun, informative and to involve the participants as much as possible.

Can’t wait? All workshops can be taught in a Private Lesson.

We Teach POISE!

Poise is different to Posture. Sure, Posture (how we stand upright) is vital to our dancing, the way we walk and our general health. But Poise is different. Poise refers to how we balance ourselves for the various steps in any dance. Understanding Poise will make our movement and therefore our dancing more enjoyable and attainable as well as making our classes far, far more productive (that means you save time and money).

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” title=”Move Like A Champion ™”][/block_title]

A series of workshops covering the 64 exercises and elements in the Move Like a Champion (MLC) series that solve practical problems in all levels of dancing. This workshop series is absolutely perfect for beginners and dancers at any level.. The exercises taught enable a profound understanding of your body, how it works and how it can be used. Putting it another way, if you don’t understand how to use your body, your dancing might not go so well!
Ian Nandhra was the first person to become a DVIDA Certified “Move Like A Champion” Instructor.

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” title=”The “Perfection In Movement“ Program”][/block_title]

“Perfection in Movement™” is a transformative movement program that dancers of ALL LEVELS find easy to understand and apply.
It unifies current techniques and introduces new concepts to take your dancing to new heights.
Ian’s program gets results ~ “Top Teacher” and “Top Studio” with students in their 1st and 2nd year of competition dancing

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” title=”Technique”][/block_title]

We know what you might be thinking “another technique workshop – yawn…Zzzzzzz”. Well these are different; fun, entertaining and instructional. We pick (or you get to pick!) a particular aspect of dancing and provide you with the tools to continue to improve during your personal practice as well as during your dancing. Subjects include Partnering, Lead and Follow (which is different from Partnering), Movement and Shapes, Spins and Turns, Picture Lines and more. And Your Input is always important — so tell us what you’d like.

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” title=”Specific Dances”][/block_title]

While there are similarities between the different Dance Genres, they are also uniquely different as well. We conduct workshops on the specific nature of these both from an artistic and movement perspective. If there are dances with significant similarities (such as Continuity Waltz and Foxtrot) we’ll describe these — its almost like getting two dances for the price of one!

[block_title title=”Lead and Follow”][/block_title]

Learn how to be a dancer rather than just “doing some steps”.Learn the sequences that occur between both dancers and how the descriptions “Leader” and “Follower” are an oversimplification of what actually happens. We will show you why “Raising your arm and the lady turns” doesn’t work and what can be done to create a Lead that the Followers will crave. We will show you how to be a great Leader and Follower by following some simple, easy-to-understand rules.

[block_title title=”Partnering Skills”][/block_title]

Although this can be considered part of being a great Leader and Follower, Partnering cna be considered to refer to the way you relate to your partner; from the way you connect (i.e touch) to the way that you develop a frame. We’ll show you how to relate to your partner and why the emphasis is not you yourself. This is an electric workshop that has been shown to get immediate results.

Workshops are generally 90 minutes in duration.

No matter what your level of dancing, you will learn valuable skills that you can directly apply to your dancing. We use the latest teaching techniques and tools in as fun an environment as we can create. We provide real solutions to real problems for you to get noticable results – FAST.