Wedding Dance Workshops

Wedding Dance Workshops (and they’re FREE!)
Held every Sunday

Our Wedding Dance Workshops are conducted by studio co-owner Robin Horn who has taught 100’s and 100’s and 100’s of wedding couples their First Dance. Under Robin’s direction, we deliver a complete Wedding Dance Package with a unique guarantee.

We know that your First Dance is an integral part of the ceremony and in this digital age is just as important as the staged photographs with your family and friends. It will be a lasting memory of your very special day.

In this free workshop, we will describe how we will choreograph your music, your dress, your personalities and your love into a beautiful First Dance that you will be proud of in years to come.

We will also present a brief class covering, among other aspects:-

  1. How to walk on to the dance floor with your partner
  2. A few basic movements to your music
  3. An ending sequence
  4. How to walk off the dance floor with your partner
  5. The importance of “camera moments” in the routine.

We will also cover the importance of your musical choice and how it relates to your personalities and your bridal gown.

So please come to one of our Sunday Wedding Workshops held monthly to see how we can turn your First Dance into the magical experience you have dreamed of.

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Our guarantee ~ you will be able to dance your First Dance at your wedding after just 5 classes.

The Small Print, conditions and stuff

In easy to read English:

  1. Any individual can only attend ONE of these workshops per year.
  2. Registration is required, specifically your name and email address. We just like to know who’s coming and we’d like to send them emails from the studio. No, we won’t give your persona info to 3rd parties.
  3. You sign the standard studio liability waiver.

Pretty easy 🙂