In keeping with our focus on your needs, we offer a no-frills, no-nonsense set of packages aimed at what you, the dancer.

We offer what you want and what you need at a price you can afford.

Wedding Packages

$345 for 5 classes.

$650 for 10 classes (perfect for Bride & Groom, Father / Daughter and Mother / Son dances. Or just more classes for a more spectacular dance!

Whats included?
A complete routine choreographed to your dress, music, personalities and the love you share between you. A guarantee¹ that you will be able to dance a routine choreographed to your personalities and music on your special day.

We include only what you actually need; you won’t be paying for any unnecessary classes or products.

¹Reasonable (no, seriously!) conditions apply and will be explained at time of booking.

Group Classes

Price: $15 per person, per class
Unless otherwise stated, group classes are $15 per person for a 45 minute class.

Private Lessons

A single 45 minute private lesson is $85

5 Lesson Package: $395 for 5 lessons. Each lesson is 45 minutes.

Do we offer bigger packages?

Well, we could, but we are very mindful of the following:

  • Life happens. A five class package is manageable. A longer package (say 10 prepaid classes) is just asking for scheduling problems which isn’t good for the dancers.
  • It’s just not economically feasible for a studio (oh, err, that’s people like us!). A dance class isn’t a commodity where the price can decrease with increasing purchase volume, it’s a service given by an individual. We passionately believe that you deserve the best possible instruction which in turn means you don’t want the instructors to be paid less because you purchased a discount package.

The benefit to a studio of selling a large pre-paid package isn’t the (miniscule) interest on the pre-payment, it’s that it “locks in” the student. We feel this stifles dancers growth and freedom and because we are dedicated to your success, we just won’t do it.

Dance Parties

$15 per person and includes a class.

Please note:

  1. All prices are introductory and subject to change without notice
  2. A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all booked classes. That said, we are not unreasonable and often accept that “life happens”, so do talk to us if you have to cancel a class.
  3. All classes, lessons and workshops are 45 minutes duration unless otherwise noted.